On the Farm

Excellent Stewards of the Land

Because of our commitment to being the best stewards possible of our natural resources, Danner Farms has implemented these conservation measures:

Danner Farms - Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation

  • Completed an on-farm energy audit
  • Installed a tower grain drying system that reclaims heated air from drying for a tremendous energy savings
  • Nine solar arrays to produce more than 200 KW of our own electricity from the sun
  • Web-based grain aeration system equipped with weather station, grain moisture and temperature cables in bins to run aeration fans only when needed, resulting in:
    • 70% Less electricity consumption
    • Assurance that our grain is in top condition
  • Replaced old incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lighting with much more efficient and longer-lasting LED lighting

Soil Nutrient Conservation

  • Implemented a nutrient management program that places valuable nutrients
    • At the right time
    • At the right place
    • in the right amount
  • Uses manure from our livestock to lessen consumption of commercial fertilizer
  • GPS on equipment for precision guidance and application of seed, fertilizer and tillage, resulting in:
    • Reduced fuel costs
    • Reduced input costs
    • Better air quality
    • Elimination of over-application
Danner Farms
Danner Farms

Reduction of Waste

  • Utilizes a superior innovative lubricant that more than doubles our engine transmission and gearbox drain intervals while providing superior protection of expensive components.
  • Oil-sampling program that indicates when to change oil and monitors wear, resulting in:
    • a 50% cut in wasted oil
    • fewer oil filters being used
    • less time spent on maintenance
  • Purchases our products in bulk, reusable containers, reducing paper and plastic waste
  • Has more than 1300 acres under irrigation using
    • Internet-based control system
    • Optimized productivity in less than ideal conditions
      • Spoon-fed fertilization program