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Who we are

Danner Farms is an innovative family operation located in east central Iowa. We focus on being a leader in crop production; growing non-GMO corn and soybeans as well as specialty varieties of corn and soybeans. Spanning 5 generations, it is our mission to preserve our legacy and grow our operation. 

About Danner Farms

Danner Farms specializes in raising identity-preserved grains including non-GMO grains and commercial grain. Danner Farms is also involved in custom farming and manages and supports Danner Family Grain, a partnership between Billie, Payton and Gracie. The farming operation has three full-time employees along with part-time and some seasonal help. Danner Farms also oversees care for three 2400-head capacity wean-to-finish hog and one 2400-capacity feeder-to-finish hog barns as a contract grower.

Why We Do What We Do

Billie always wondered why he worked so hard; the answer became clear when his children came into the world, and is even clearer today as he rears the two kids as a single parent.  Preserving the farm for the future generations has always been a priority. "Plant, Nurture, Harvest with Integrity, Innovation and Excellence." These words are at the core of our operation and it is our mission to demonstrate integrity, innovation, and excellence in everything that we do. 

Our Vision and Mission

Danner Farms will produce exceptional agriculture products for the world with integrity and careful stewardship while providing future generations a tradition that forms the foundation of a meaningful and successful life. With attention to detail and hard work, Danner Farms will produce high-quality, safe food in an efficient, and environmentally friendly manner. We are committed to helping educate future generations of farmers and consumers and to actively support our community. 

Our Reputation is one of the Most Valuable Assets we have

Read about our commitment to excellence in environmental stewardship on the On the Farm page.

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